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Since 1957, DMC has been fabricating steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, and other popular metals. 

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DMC's 10 CNC controlled press brake machines have up to 5-axis and range up to 130-ton capacities.

MEtal Stamping.png

DMC operates 14 punch presses ranging up to 300-ton capacities. These machines run coils up to 10 guages with our progressive dies.

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DMC's latest laser cutting technology has 9kW of power. We are capable of cutting metals up to 1" in thickness mild steel and .5" aluminum with cutting tolerances as tight as .0002". 

Turret Punching.png
welding image.PNG

DMC has 4 turret press machines (3-22 ton, 1-30 ton), capable of punch diameters of up to 4.5", .020 to 3/16 thickness, and max table sizes of 50"x100" before repositioning. 

DMC offers high quality resistance, spot, stud, MIG and TIG welding services by experienced welders in our new 3,500 sq. ft. weld shop.

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