Privacy Policy

The privacy of our website visitors and our customers is of the utmost importance, and we have developed this privacy policy as a declaration of how personal information is handled, used, and retained by Dickmann Manufacturing Company. The following information is a disclosure of how we collect information and how it may be used to better serve you as well as other potential visitors to our site.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security.

The information we collect electronically and information our subscribers and customers provide us is never sold, shared, or leased. When submitting any information electronically for any reason you can be certain that your personal details are safe and secure. It will be stored and processed on our computers. We have taken the necessary actions to preserve the accuracy of data and prevent unauthorized access of personal information.

Collected information

There is a few ways we collect information on our website:

  • Personal information knowingly and willingly provided by customers email subscribers
  • Through online purchases from our online metal art store.
  • Information submitted through a quote, custom metal art, and/or contact us form.

How We Use Supplied Information

Information provided to us is used for lawful purposes including but not limited to the administration of business activities, promotional and marketing efforts, website improvements, product requests, and to monitor the use of our website. This helps us to better serve the wants and needs of our customers.

Legal Disclosure of Information

Personal information will be disclosed to law enforcement officials and/or the necessary authorities when our legal rights have been violated. This is to protect the safety of our visitors and customers as well as to secure our safety and legal rights.

By visiting and using our website, you give full consent to our collection and the use of your personal information as outlined in this privacy policy. If you have any questions or comments on this privacy policy contact us by emailing or calling (262) 377-3787.