Metal Monday - Tara

Today's Metal Monday story is told by Tara. Metal Mondays are short stories told by employees at Dickmann Manufacturing Company in Grafton, Wisconsin. The stories consist of their favorite metal types and what they would make if they could manufacture anything in our fabrication and stamping shop. Read Tara's Metal Monday story below.

What is your favorite type of metal?
Tara: Stainless Steel

If you could manufacture anything in the Dickmann Manufacturing Company shop with your favorite type of metal what would you make?
Tara: I would manufacture a metal sign that says "#1 Dad" and give it to him as a gift.

Tara's sign idea to give to her Dad.

Tara's sign idea to give to her Dad.

How would you create it?
Tara: I would utilize our laser cutting machine to cut out the letters and use a sander to help smooth the edges of the design.

What would you use it for?
Tara: I would give the sign to my Dad as a gift for Father's Day so he can hang it in his office.

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