Metal Monday - Tammy

Today's Metal Monday story is told by Tammy who works in the office at Dickmann Manufacturing Company. Metal Mondays are short stories told by employees at Dickmann Manufacturing Company in Grafton, Wisconsin. The stories consist of their favorite metal types and what they would make if they could manufacture anything in our fabrication and stamping shop. Read Tammy's Metal Monday story below.

A mock up drawing of Tammy's idea.

A mock up drawing of Tammy's idea.

What is your favorite type of metal?
Tammy: Stainless Steel

If you could manufacture anything in the Dickmann Manufacturing Company shop with your favorite type of metal what would you make?
Tammy: I would have an outdoor name sign designed of my family. Our last name would be cut out on a large sign and then separate panels would be cut out to display all the names of my family below the sign. I would also have two separate panels cut out shaped as bones with my dogs names inside of them.

How would you create it?
Tammy: I would use the laser cutter to cut out all of the names and then powder coat the pieces black to protect them from the outdoor elements.

What would you use it for?
Tammy: I would use this custom name sign to display out in my front lawn by hanging them on a vertical post.

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