Laser Cutting a Paint Line Hanger

Project Story

At Dickmann Manufacturing we combined our in-house laser cutting capabilities with the services of one of our outsourcing partners to provide an end-to-end solution for a customer in the painting industry. We coordinated all of the processes involved in manufacturing this painting line hanger under a very tight two-week deadline.

As one of our most versatile and useful assets, our fiber laser cutting system played a key role in getting these welded assemblies fabricated swiftly. Minimal setup requirements in combination with the ability to generate a beam profile to make accurate and repeatable cuts in cold rolled steel enabled us to produce the elements of this assembly rapidly. Since production also involved milling and welding, we synchronized all processes into a master schedule that optimized the workflow. By continuously monitoring the workload and the flow of parts between our shop and our outsourcing partner, we ensured the finished product was assembled and shipped within a short timeframe.

This painting line hanger features cold rolled steel construction and measures 20.0” in length x 4.0” in width. We supplied all 250 units on schedule. As a “one-stop-shop” that offers multiple services, we condensed the supply chain, accelerated the lead time, and delivered a consistent product that complied with all of the customers quality criteria.

For this small quantity of paint hanger assemblies, combining laser cutting with milling and welding provided a swift yet cost-effective solution and enabled the painting company to keep their production work on-track. To learn more about this project or any of our integrated manufacturing capabilities, contact us directly. 

Project Highlights

Highlights of this project

Project Description: In this project, we utilized our Ensis Fiber Laser Cutter and outsourced services to fabricate a paint line hanger for a customer in the painting industry.

Capabilities Applied/Processes: Laser cutting, milling, welding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Ensis Fiber laser cutter

Overall Part Dimensions: 20" by 4"

Tightest Tolerances: .020"

Material Used: Cold rolled steel

Material Finish: Raw

Volume: 250 assemblies

Industry For Use: Painting industry

Lead Time: 2 weeks