Everything You Need To Know About Our Metal Fabrication and Stamping Company

Dickmann Manufacturing Company has proudly been in the metal fabrication and stamping business since 1957. For decades we’ve served as the metal fabricator and stamping supplier for companies across a wide variety of industries. We are confident that with our expertise and ingenuity we can offer your business solutions for virtually all of your metal project needs.

In this company eBook you will learn everything you need to know about our company including:

  • All of our metal fabrication and stamping services
  • Fabrication and stamping equipment capabilities
  • Example projects and their intended applications
  • The Dickmann Manufacturing Company management team

What Makes Us Unique?

Dickmann Manufacturing company has been a trusted family-owned business in Grafton, Wisconsin for over 60 years. Hard work and strong family values along with our founding principles have served us well and continue to be the cornerstones of our business model today.

Our founding principles include:

•Giving relentless attention to providing a quality product with proven processes. 
•Dedicating ourselves to superior responsiveness to our customer's needs.
•Developing the most cost effective solutions for our customers.
•Remaining focused on continuous improvement.

Want to know everything about us?