Custom Fabrication of a Terminal Bracket for the Lighting Industry

Project Story

Using 16 gauge (.060) stainless steel, this custom terminal bracket was manufactured utilizing a number of in-house fabrication processes at our manufacturing facility in Grafton, Wisconsin.

The fabrication process for this part began by cutting out stainless steel blanks using our high precision laser cutter. After the blanks were cut out, each individual piece was deburred to ensure the parts had quality, smooth edges. The parts were then sent to our engraver machine to have unique product codes marked on each individual piece. Once the parts were engraved, we utilized our PEM insertion and forming capabilities to complete the part. The final custom fabricated terminal bracket highlighted below measures out at 2.5" in length, 1.5" in width and 2.25" in height.

At Dickmann Manufacturing Company, our success is built off of hard work and strong family values. Over a year, we manufactured 50,000 of these pieces for a customer of ours in the lighting industry in the greater Chicago area, whom was very pleased with the quality, cost and three week lead time of this job.

To learn more about this project, or the processes used to manufacture it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Project Highlights


Product Description: A custom fabricated stainless steel terminal bracket for the lighting industry

Capabilities Applied/Processes: Laser cutting, deburr, engraving, PEM insertion, forming

Material Used: 16 gauge (.060") stainless steel

Overall Part Dimensions: 2.5" in length, 1.5" in width, 2.25" in height

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: First PC inspection, last PC inspection

Industry For Use: Lighting Industry

Volume: 50,000 EAU

Lead Time: 3 weeks

Delivery Location: Greater Chicago area

Standards Met: Customer specifications, 2D CAD drawing

Highlights Of This Custom Terminal Bracket