Birch Leaf Wrap Home Decorations

Project Story

The birch leaf wraps highlighted here exemplify how at Dickmann Manufacturing we leverage the powerful capabilities of our fiber laser cutting system to create personalized, one-of-a-kind pieces of metal art to fit any decorating scheme.

For projects such as this, we begin by using 2D CAD software to produce an electronic sketch that expresses the customer’s design concepts. Using this software, we can easily generate a series of drafts to explore a range of design options with them. The drawings exhibit a precise level of detail, and once the design is finalized, we set up the files to produce the most efficient laser cutting process.

With our fiber laser cutting system, we have the flexibility to adapt the beam profile to every cutting situation. By controlling aspects such as the beam length and intensity, we generate precise cuts for producing sharp and intricately detailed features. The tightly focused beam makes accurate cuts with a high level of precision and at very fast speeds, which allows us to complete projects quickly and accommodate tight deadlines.

Used as a decorative element in a residential application, we laser cut five of these birch wraps within two weeks. Featuring overall dimensions of 38.0” in length x 3.75” in width, we produced them from 24 gauge galvanized steel. The distinctive design of these high-quality laser-cut workpieces serves as an art piece that showcases the homeowner’s personal style. Our efficient and cost-conscious production methods made these custom laser cut items surprisingly affordable.

Our fiber laser cutting capabilities are advantageous for more than just low volume projects. We also tap into the advantages of fiber lasers to generate prototypes for industrial applications as well as fill high volume orders for thin-gauge to heavy-gauge sheet metal parts. To learn more about this project or our laser cutting capabilities, contact us directly. 

Project Highlights

Highlight of this project

Project Description: In this project, we utilized our Ensis fiber laser cutter and creativity skills to laser cut 5 birch leaf wraps used for a home decoration.

Capabilities Applied/Processes: Laser cutting

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Ensis Fiber Laser Cutter

Overall Part Dimensions: 38” by 3.75”

Material Used: 24 gauge galvanized

Material Finish: Galvanized

Volume: 5

Industry For Use: Residential

Lead Time: 2 weeks